Crystal clear pond water thanks to Xclear UV-C disinfection and filters

By combining our passion for safe, healthy and clear pond water with top-notch knowledge of technology, we have for years made leading UV-C and filter equipment for the (koi) pond market. These products are marketed under the brand name Xclear. Xclear UV-C units and filters provide a healthy, clear pond without the use of chemicals.

UV-C: the difference is clear

UV-C equipment is ideal for the (koi) pond market. This is because one of the characteristics of UV-C radiation is that it attacks the DNA structure of single-cell micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and algae. These micro-organisms cannot survive this and so disappear from the pond. The result is a crystal-clear pond without the addition of chemicals. UV-C radiation is safe for fish and also protects against germs.

UV-C & Filters

VGE offers a total package for the pond sector, suitable for professional (koi) ponds and hobby ponds. Besides UV-C equipment, Xclear has an extensive range of filters and associated pond products. Together these items provide safe, healthy and clear pond water.Xclear

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Top UV-C disinfection and filter products from our Xclear line:

Biostep bovenafComplete filter with Philips 11 watt UV PL unit, 3 types of Matala matting for progressive filtration from large to
smaller waste particles and filter substrate. Provides mechanical as well as biological filtration. Fitted with bottomdrain with 40mm slide valve. Inlet: hosetail 25/32/40mm, outlet: 40mm. Max. koipond: 4m³. Contact us
3 kamerfilter 220 330 liter 2The 3-chamber filter is a pump fed biological- and mechanical filter that can make ponds clear and healthy. The water goes through 3 filter chambers that are filled with honey comb media and filter foam. UV-versions: the water enters the filter at a hosetail 25/32/40mm and flows through a pipe with an internal 40 watt submersible UV-C lamp that takes care of algae and bacteria. The models without UV-C have a 32mm hosetail inlet. Outlet: 63mm tank connector. Waste outlet: 50mm slide valve. Comes with lid. Contact us
SONY DSCThe Connect Clear is a modular filter system that you can compose yourselves. The units are easy to connect with Ø90mm pipe or without glue with special connectors (optional). Every module comes with Ø90mm tank connectors and a Ø50mm waste outlet with
slide valve. The Connect Clear 150 liter and the Connect Clear Vortex come without filter media. The Connect Clear 80 liter comes with filter grid and 4 filter brushes. Please note: max. pond size in the chart is per module, you can build your own filter system that suits any size of pond. Look below for Connect Clear filter media. Contact opnemen
Flowmatic SandfilterThe Blue Lagoon Flow-Matic is an automatic backwashing system that fits on all side mounted sand filters. It replaces the traditional
multiport valve and will reduce the total pressure loss due to its unique flow design. The Flow-Matic has 4 automatic 3-way valves and a touch screen controller. The controller automatically starts/stops the circulation pump and operates the valves for Backwash, Rinse and Filter positions. The user can decide how often the Flow-Matic performs a backwash. Besides the automatic backwash function the user can activate an extra backwash at any time by touching the backwash function in the controller. Backwash and Rinse duration can be defined by the end user. Manual functions for recirculation and draining to waste are also available in the controller.

✔ Replaces traditional multi-port valves
✔ Fits on all side mounted sand filters
✔ Reduces pressure loss significantly
✔ Backwash and Rinse duration are programmable
✔ Easy installation and maintenance
✔ LCD touch-screen controller
✔ On/Off function for the circulating pump

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Xclear Master Blaster UV-C

The Master Blaster is designed to treat highly polluted water. It is suited for all kind of water treatment and can even be used for the production of ultrapure water, semiconductor-, pharmaceutical- and cosmetic industry. Other applications: swimming pools, process water treatment and aquaculture. The reactor is made of HDPE with two flanged connectors. The unit uses three or six high performance 325 watt low pressure amalgam UV-C lamps, electronic ballasts, an alarm indicator light and a UV sensor at 254 nm. All electronic components come in a separate controller cabinet. In the Master Blaster, a UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm is generated by the special Amalgam UV-C lamps, ensuring a lethal effect on micro-organisms. The Master Blaster will ensure that your water is clean, fresh and clear in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

MB3X325_NB6X325 Master BlasterAdvantages of the Xclear Master Blaster UV-C:

✔ High quality of manufacturing and high disinfecting performance
✔ The use of low pressure amalgam lamps to achieve required performance levels irrespective of the temperature of the water
✔ Dedicated electronic ballasts guaranteeing maximum lamp UV efficiency and integrated control
✔ Customization of the device to your own specifications is possible
✔ Extreme high quality lamps and housing for an affordable price
✔ Including UV sensor controller cabinet
✔ Includes 3 or 6 325 Watt Amalgam UV-C lamps
✔ Reactor made of HDPE in combination with stainless steel 316L
✔ Easy installation and maintenance

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