Clean air: a basic need

The air that we breathe is one of our most important basic needs. Unfortunately our air varies in cleanliness. Infectious bacteria, viruses and moulds spread easily through the air and make us sick. Air may also contain pollen and dust particles, which can bring about allergic reactions. Rules and legislation have been introduced nationally and internationally to improve air quality. As a result of these measures an industry has arisen that specialises in purifying air in enclosed spaces. After all, many people spend most of the day in enclosed spaces, which are generally insufficiently ventilated and dusty.Aetaire

VGE has put an air purification system on the market under the name of Aetaire. The Aetaire can prevent diseases, allergies and the spread of the substances that cause them. The air purifier combines a filter, an ioniser and an ultraviolet purifier in one professional system. As a result, the air coming out of the unit is 90% filtered, ionised and disinfected by UV-C radiation. The unit easily removes the bacteria, viruses, moulds, pollen and dust particles from the air being breathed. So the air in the living environment is continuously protected.

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