Swimming pool: UV-C equipment

Swimming pool and Spa UV-C purifiers
UV-C technology is an environmentally friendly and safe way of sanitizing pool water. As a result, the use of chemicals can be kept to a minimum. Also it gets rid of the unpleasant odour of chlorine.

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Pond: UV-C purifiers and filters

Koi Pond UV-C and filters
UV-C purification is ideal for the (koi) pond market. UV-C radiation is safe for fish and also protects against germs. The result is a crystal-clear pond without the addition of chemicals.

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Industry: UV-C water purification

Industrial water UV-C purification
We find UV-C equipment in the treatment of drinking water, industrial (waste) water and in the food industry. UV-C rapidly improves the water quality and is a safe, green technology.

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Introductory UV-C movie

UV-C; the difference is clear. To reinforce this slogan, we introduce an animated movie about UV-C. In the movie we show various possibilities of our UV-C equipment for residential, recreational and industrial applications. In addition, we also present the main advantages of UV-C for these applications.

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